Word Edge takes writing—the creative process, and all it involves—as seriously as authors do, and we respect their creativity. Our aim is to help a writer make the best impression possible, whether to a literary agent or prospective publisher, and get a manuscript read instead of stuffed in the round file or tossed in the corner of some assistant editor’s gloomy, broom-closet-sized office.

In writing and publishing, there are no guarantees. No sure things. It’s anyone’s guess what will strike a particular editor on any given day. Yet, you owe it to your manuscript to give it the best chance possible.

Word Edge’s editing services provide simple tweaks or complex reworks of fiction, creative non-fiction, and anything in between. If you’re serious about writing and getting published, we’re serious about helping you fulfill your goals.

Editing is highly-subjective work, but it’s natural that you’d like at least a rough idea of what it might cost. Every project is different, and we always provide a project-personal estimate so you know what to expect. In the meantime, here are typical costs (in US$) for an industry-standard manuscript*:

Copyediting.………Begins at 1.5¢ per word for novels and longer nonfiction; 3.5¢ and up for short works
(Basic service focused on writing mechanics such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar with attention to sentence and paragraph clarity, as needed; recommended for well-developed and polished works needing a line-by-line check-up as they’re being prepared for submission.)

Substantive or Heavy Editing.………Begins at 2¢ per word for novels and longer nonfiction; 5¢ and up for short works
(This service is intended to fill gaps in narrative, strengthen characters, improve plot, and refine conflict/tension. It includes a thorough assessment of tone, writing style, and story elements, or concept presentation. This process often includes rewriting passages, ghost writing sections when needed, and rearranging elements for context and flow. Recommended for books, stories, and articles with good bones and promising characters or content that need structural attention, overall strengthening, and refinement.)

ESL Editing……..Are you writing in English but it’s your second language? Are you concerned that your use of punctuation and grammar,  grasp of regional dialect and colloquial phrasing might not be ready for an English-speaking audience? Word Edge specializes in editing ESL fiction with experience deciphering grammatical missteps and awkward phrases while editing to correct structure and clarity. We have worked with Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and German writers, helping them refine their English works for a broader audience. Please use the form below to explain your project and send sample pages.

Author Mentoring.………For more on how this additional service can be used in conjunction with project editing, please click here: What is author mentoring?

Before Editing, a Checklist……..Prepare your manuscript so it’s editor friendly. Read this handy list of suggestions.

Whatever level or type of editing you feel your project needs, we would be happy to discuss it with you, review a sample, and provide an estimate. Use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us about your project. Initial consultations, reviews of project samples, and estimates are always free.

Editing is a professional service provided by professional people who have studied the art and craft of writing. As a writer how do you know what to expect from an editor when you request an estimate? Each project is different and editors usually evaluate them individually to determine price and other factors. What does editing cost? is a helpful article that lends insight into the process of choosing an editor.

* In this case industry-standard formatting = digital files set in 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced with .25″ first line indent per paragraph, and minimum 1″ margin on all sides. Sample files submitted for evaluation will use this format for estimating. This is why we request page count in addition to word count. Adjusting to this common publisher-accepted formatting ensures our estimating process is consistent and as accurate as possible. It also makes an editor’s work more efficient. Word Edge assumes the sample text provided reflects the quality of the writing and formatting used throughout the document.  If the project is accepted and the full manuscript is not received as represented by the sample, a new and possibly higher estimate will be provided before any work begins.


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If the above form isn’t working you may e-mail us at  contact@word-edge.com. Please put Estimate/Editing in your subject line and be sure to attach a file containing the first few pages of your document. Include project details in body of email (length in word count AND number of pages; type of editing you’re looking for, either A) basic copyediting; B) substantive; or C) ESL; and lead time. Include your name  and complete contact information.

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