What is author mentoring?

Author mentoring, also known as coaching  involves a professional editor/critic working one-on-one with an author to help develop and refine skills and/or a manuscript. Author and editor work as a team to help the writer by addressing strengths and shortcomings evident in novels or stories, expanding or focusing on existing talents, and teaching about critical writing tools like point of view, character arc, using flashbacks, etc.

The mentoring process is often done in conjunction with a full project critique or editing but it doesn’t have to be. How it works is somewhat fluid and depends on the individual author. Word Edge provides mentoring via email with Q&A type communication or works with writers brainstorming story ideas to expand them and overcome weak areas–this can be done via email, Skype, or telephone (for US authors). Other tools in the mentoring kit include customized adaptation of original writing course materials into a tutorial format.

Everyone fears they’ll get nothing but brutal criticism from publishers and agents—even professional writers have those fears—yet you won’t know what you’ve got until it’s exposed to unbiased review.

There is an alternative to hesitation and the weight of criticism: Word Edge.

We’ll guide and mentor you with objective feedback that’s both honest and encouraging. You need support and forthright criticism. Word Edge specializes in both, believing firmly in tempering criticism with support, yet being kind without sugarcoating.

Mentoring is often billed at an hourly rate, but it is possible to develop a by-project estimate with a base cost established for a predetermined collaboration; additional hours or services would be estimated/billed at an hourly rate.

Mentoring services are highly individualized and personalized. For more information contact us via email at with MENTORING in the subject line.

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