MA Drucker TestimonialA professional critique or manuscript assessment is the best way to learn if your writing is ready for the big time.

Word Edge offers thorough critiques of fiction and creative nonfiction. If you’re a serious writer, with a serious desire to entertain and impress readers, a professional assessment is invaluable and can provide:

  • An unbiased review of writing skill, including mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation).
  • Detailed assessment of story and characters to honestly evaluate them and provide extensive notes for revisions and improvements.
  • Acknowledgement of skillful writing with deeper assessment to determine why and how it could be made more agent- or publisher-ready.
  • Insightful suggestions to locate weak spots or shortcomings an author just can’t see in otherwise outstanding stories or novels. A pair of fresh eyes can do wonders to uncover these faults.

A wise, determined writer values the insights in a serious critique no matter if that writer is practiced in the craft or just starting out. We may write in solitude, but we become published by seeking feedback and honing our skills.

After all your hard work, feverish edits, too many lattes, and your family grumbling because you’re always writing, your manuscript must be perfect, right? Maybe. You won’t know for certain what you’ve created until you get:

  • an objective opinion about your writing,
  • a professional response to structure, characters, plot, mechanics, reasoning,
  • confidence and assurance that it’s ready to pass from your hands into the cold, competitive publishing world.

Submit a sample of your project using the form below to learn more about what Word Edge can offer.

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Options and Rates

Critiquing is a highly subjective service, and while we always provide a project-personal estimate, it’s understandable that you’d like more information about our rates and services, so here you are:

First 50 ……….$149
The dirty details about the opening act, the first 50 pages of a novel. This choice focuses on first page and paragraphs, character introductions, milieu presentation, story- and plot-establishing elements, review of writing mechanics. (max. 12,500 words)

Starving Writer’s Assessment (SWA) ……….$239
On a tight budget but crave professional feedback? This is for you! An SWA results in a two- to five-page summary/review of major novel elements like plot, characters, genre/style observations, etc. These are brief assessments with suggestions for improvement and skills development (where needed). An inexpensive way to lend insight into novels up to 80,000 words. (Ask for pricing for longer works.)

First 50 plus SWA ……….$358
Combine two budget-friendly services, get loads of awesome info, and save $30!

Full Novel Critique*……….$820
This is the macro picture in micro detail. A full critique turns your novel inside-out and back again, yielding a thorough assessment of the good, the bad, and the very ugly via a story summary and review/discussion of characters, plot, conflict/tension, writing style, and more. Most critiques range from 15 to 25 pages or more, depending on length and style of novel. (Priced for novels up to 80,000 words; ask for pricing for longer ones.)

Short Story**……….$5 per page and up (250 wpp, double-spaced)
The long view of the short work. A thorough assessment that includes story summary, character review, conflict/tension notes, plot review, writing style insights, and more. ($50 minimum; no discount on partial pages)

Author/Project Mentoring……….$60 per hour; 1/2-hr. minimum
Mentoring includes phone or web chat consultations, brainstorming sessions, coaching, extended Q&A on critique results, etc. For more about this service, click here: What is author mentoring?

While critique web sites and local writing groups can help a writer immensely, posting or group sharing can be a lengthy process (especially for a full novel) burdened by waiting for feedback and then sifting through advice that may be hit and miss, good mixed with bad from writers/reviewers of varying abilities. A comprehensive, professional critique is a great way to not only refine a work in progress, but the assessment’s insights  can be used to reflect on a writer’s entire portfolio, both past and future projects. And it’s far quicker and more reliable than posting and waiting and wondering!

Contact us today to request a project-personal estimate (use the handy form below). Initial consultations, reviews of project samples, and estimates are always free.

If we’ll be working together, you can be confident your work will remain your work, and we won’t show it to or discuss it with anyone without your express permission. Art belongs to the artists unless they say otherwise.

All rates are in US$ and based on digital files set in 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced with .25″ first line indent per paragraph, minimum 1″ margin on all sides, and 250 words per page. Files submitted for evaluation and estimating will be converted to this format. This is why we request word count in addition to page count. Adjusting to this common publisher-accepted formatting ensures our estimating process is consistent and as accurate as possible. Word Edge assumes the sample text provided reflects the quality of the writing and formatting used throughout the document.  If the project is accepted and the full manuscript is not received as represented by the sample, a new and possibly higher estimate will be provided before any work begins.
* Novels up to 80,000 words. For longer works, please request an estimate.
** Per-page cost based on standard 250 words per page. Denser pages will be calculated based on word count and repaginated accordingly (for example, if a submitted page has 500 words, it will count as two pages in our calculation). Partial pages are not discounted; $40 minimum purchase per project.

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