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Choose Ready-Set-Go Covers—scroll down for catalog—or Custom Designed.

Thinking you can do-it-yourself? Here’s why you need a professional design:

  • Yes, you can design your book cover but unless you’re a graphic artist, no one recommends it. (If you don’t believe us, read this article: I Made a Lousy Book Cover Once by Steve Saus.)
  • The best book in the world can be left collecting dust if the cover doesn’t measure up. (What could possibly go wrong with a DIY cover? Check this out: Lousy Book Covers.)
  • Covers do matter, from the quality of the art to the words—even font choices and colors. If readers are turned off by the cover, why would they look inside? Poor quality (or outright ugly) on the outside, says poor quality on the inside.
  • Just because you love that sketch from ninth-grade art class doesn’t mean it makes a good cover. Really. It doesn’t. Nor does your child’s drawing or the digital pseudo-human in leather you just made online.

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Ready-Set-Go Covers

Choose a ready-set-go design below and we’ll customize it with title, subtitle (if desired), and your shiny name. Need one of these covers tweaked a bit to meet your needs? Just ask! We’re happy to make minor changes for no additional cost or bigger changes for a modest charge (quoted upfront). Details about how the process works are found at the bottom of the catalog. Click a cover for  full image, details, and to purchase.

(Cover cost includes ebook-ready jpg file only. For a modest additional cost we can add a spine and back cover for paperback, hard cover, or dust jacket.)

Found a cover you love? Great!

Click on the cover image above and use the Buy Now button to purchase it via PayPal. When the purchase is complete, fill out the form (you’ll need the PayPal transaction ID) to tell us how you’d like your cover personalized. (Before you submit the form, check your information carefully. It’s what we’ll use to personalize your cover.)

 Prefer a Custom Cover?

  • Ebook, paperback, hardcover, or all three, Word Edge can create a unique, professionally designed cover you and your readers will love.
  • Using top quality stock art and our experience in graphics and  publishing, your cover will be fully compatible with ebook publishing formats and/or professionally crafted to your publisher’s specifications.
  • How can you get one? Email us at with a description of your book. We’ll open a dialogue to discuss your needs and then quote the cost for a custom-designed cover.

Want more? We also have covers available at under artist name SironaDanu.

Sample Book Cover

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